Custom Paper Bags Are A Good Step Towards Saving Environment

Most of the people are against the utilization of the clear plastic bags because they are harmful to the environment. However, they do not understand that HOW these bags are harmful. When people switch to custom paper bags it is a good decision.

It reduces the requirements of the clear plastic bags and so their production is reduced as well. Here we have some of the important reasons that will help you understand how large plastic bags are destroying our environment and how we can protect it using the custom paper bags.

Large plastic bags use nonrenewable resources

Oil is used in the production of the plastic bags. We all know that oil is extracted from the fossil fuels and it is a non-renewable resource. If we can reduce the consumption of the plastic bags, the fossil fuels can be used for a better purpose and so we will not have to worry about its quick depletion from the earth.

It saves the trees

We all know that paper bags are made from fiber or latex that is extracted from the trees so you may ask how they will help us protect the trees? Paper bags can be recycled. We know that the paper used in the newspaper is the lowest quality and it can be recycled 33 times! So just how many times a paper bag can be recycled we will never know.

Less Litter

The plastic bags with handles always end up in the landfills because we threw them there or they flow with air due to the lightweight construction. It can stay in litter piles for years without decompositions that increase the risk of production of harmful chemicals that might be dangerous for the environment.

Reduces Greenhouse Effect

During the production of the clear plastic bags, the gasses released is similar to the gasses produced in the greenhouse effect. The gases build up in the atmosphere and it is the major cause of the depletion of ozone layer. Reduction in the usage of plastic bags can help us save what is left of the protective layer.

Minimize the waste streams

When the paper bag is prepared with the recyclable material it provides us the chance to reduce the waste that is produced every year. The wasted bags will go for recycling instead of in the dumps and so the waste management organizations will have to work less and they can easily keep plastic away from landfills.

Bottom Line

A common mistake that most of the organizations make is that they buy the plastic bags wholesale because they are affordable. What they do not think about is that it will turn out to be expensive for the world in the future. So whenever you get the option to use a single-use plastic bag- think about the world and wanting to save it. Switch to paper bags as they are most cost-effective and are not harmful to the environment because they can be recycled.

Marissa Franz

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