‘Tis the season of giving! When it comes to the holidays, you are sure to come up with a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. The act of gift-giving is a meaningful and intimate occasion – but our staff at APlasticBag.com believe there is something that can make it even more special: Creative holiday gift wrapping.

You can transform an ordinary gift into a spectacular sight to behold with these easy and creative holiday gift wrapping ideas for Christmas. We’ve listed our favorite ideas below; try some of them out! And who knows – maybe this will become your new holiday tradition!

Starting With the Basics

First, let’s start off with some easy ideas. If you don’t already know how to use wrapping paper to wrap presents, this might be a good time to refresh your skills. Country Living offers some easy and straightforward tips on how to wrap presents like a pro.

Once you’ve got the basics down, try out a few of these easy ideas and embellishments to top off the look:

Paper Flowers or Large Bows

Once you’ve practiced how to perfectly wrap your present, you want to top it with something that will really make a statement. You can always go with the classic present bow, which you can find at any local convenience or dollar store.

But, why not get more creative with it? The handmade look will truly go the extra mile. Top off your present with hand-made tissue paper flowers or bows that can elevate the present into something so beautiful, your loved one won’t want to open it!

Stamped Designs

Not into folding, cutting, or tying bows? There’s another thing you can do to decorate your wrapped present to give it that special handmade look. Wrap your present with butcher paper (or you can add more details on one of our specialty Christmas gift wrap designs) and then get a woodblock stamp kit with white or green ink. Stamp the paper with the design of your choice for a lasting look that will immediately transform plain wrapping paper into something fanciful – without having to pay the expensive price that most stores charge for decorated wrapping paper!

Getting Into the Details

 Not every present is the same. Therefore, not every present should look the same. Don’t just stop at one or two creative ideas – avoid being too repetitive with your presents by really getting into the details that define the holiday spirit. Want some truly unique ideas? Here are some to get you started:

Stacked Snowman

You can use white wrapping paper or a bundle of our white gloss gift boxes to put this idea into motion. The idea is to build a stack of presents the way you would build a snowman – from large to small. Start with the largest box on the bottom, then stack your way to the top until the smallest one represents the head of the snowman. Add a cute tophat, a ribbon for a bowtie, and glue a couple of buttons down the side to bring your snowy friend to life!

Natural Inspiration

Sometimes, less is more. You don’t need to go overboard in order to really wow your family and friends with your wrap-job. If you love the way you’ve wrapped a present, keep it simple and show off your skill! A great idea for a gift topper is a seasonal pine branch, a sprig of holly, a small pinecone, or even some dried fruit and leaves tied up with a bow. Keep it natural and really capture the spirit of the winter season!

Holiday Gift Wrapping Customization

Want to give your loved one something that they will truly cherish for a long time to come? Put their name on the box – literally! Order a custom imprinted gift box so you don’t have to do any wrapping at all! Instead, you can just let their name or logo do all of the presentation for you. They’ll love it so much, that they’ll want to keep both the box and the gift inside!

Order Your Holiday Gift Wrapping and Make a Creative Impression This Christmas!

Ready to go above and beyond in your Christmas gift wrapping skills? Our creative ideas can help you make a lasting impact. When it comes to gifts, part of it is really all in the presentation. Make something beautiful that will make your Christmas a day to truly remember. At APlasticBag.com, we specialize in beautiful gift wraps and an assortment of packaging items that can help make your holiday special. To learn more, contact us online or give us a call at (855) 484-8252 to speak to a friendly representative.

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