Looking to showcase your new and improved innovation to the world? Do you want your product to stand out on the market? Are you looking to establish your brand and become more widely known? If you answered “yes” to any or all of those questions, then you’re in need of some custom packaging!

But wait…what does packaging have to do with your product?

It has everything to do with your product! According to Business 2 Community, packaging can totally make or break your entire marketing plans. Don’t just take it from them; our pros at APlasticBag.com have seen all the different ways in which packaging can elevate and enhance the product experience for consumers.

Wondering how to choose the right packaging for your product? Follow some of our suggestions below!

1. Understand What Your Customers Want

What is unique about your product? What niche of customers does it serve? Do those customers have specific demands and desires that you are looking to help them with? Your packaging should reflect that.

As an example, if you have a product that could be scratched or broken, you want to think about a type of packaging that not only looks good, but can provide enough protection to the product during shipment. Your customers will come to expect a certain quality from you, and you can use packaging to your advantage in order to keep them secure while still brandishing your logo.

2. Know Your Budget

This is often an under-considered factor for packaging, but you must consider your financial capabilities before investing in bulk packaging. Your budget will determine what kind of materials you can use for your packaging, and also how intricate and custom the designs can be.

APlasticBag.com has a wide range of custom printed bags to suit all kinds of budgetary needs. Whether you are looking for plastic packaging, or you want to design some tote swag bags to store your products in, we can help you come to the perfect solution for your product.

3. Think About the Variables

If you have a established a good understanding of your customer base and you know what you want your branding to look like, the next step in narrowing down your packaging options comes to considering the variables. These are things such as:

  • Average order size. Do your products come in different shapes and sizes? Do customers typically order one product at a time, or are most of your orders in bulk? Think about what the most convenient type of packaging would be depending on the average order size.
  • Function and durability. We talked about this earlier, but you need to make sure your product won’t get damaged. Is it a kind of product that will spoil or turn bad if exposed to air? Then you need to find air-tight packaging! Is it frozen? Get something insulated!
  • Costs. Again, it’s important to think about your daily shipping costs. It goes without saying that bigger and heavier packages will cost more than smaller, lighter materials, but plan what’s best according to all of these variables.

What kind of packaging is most realistic for your product and delivery needs? There are infinite types of packaging products that can help you get one step closer to achieving total brand satisfaction.

Pick Your Custom Packaging Today!

Don’t go a day longer without building up your brand recognition. The sooner you find good packaging for your product, the sooner your customers will come to rely on you as a dependable brand that always delivers a quality product on time – and with memorable packaging. Our inventory is always stocked full of different packaging and bag options to suit products of all types and sizes. To learn more, or to get in touch with one of our experts, please contact us online. You can also call us at (877) 992-2247.

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