With everyone going green and big corporations taking over, why is it that they need to continuously advertise? What’s wrong with plain brown paper bags?

Soft loop handle plastic bags are effective tools that become a part of our everyday lives and therefore a part of our habits. The standard shopping bag generally gets re-used several times within a house as storing, transporting or disposing of items. They then become ingrained in our brains as something that is helpful or useful so that when we decide we need a product we go to the store that most jumps out at us to purchase it. The repeat process of seeing something that reminds you of a good day always helps!

Another reason why this is an effective marketing tool is it transcends advertising. This is now something that is a staple and is permanent. An ad comes and goes, regardless of how catchy the jingle or how bright the colors are. The transcendence of conscious to subconscious keeps us wanting to shop there. For a similar reason, they are effective also as a means of communication. If you see someone carrying a bag from a particular store you shop at you have a reason to talk or ask why they went there, how was it or what they purchased. It allows for the average person an icebreaker to discuss what they like about the store without feeling like giving out too personal of information.

Also, the bag looks better if it’s stronger or more durable. There are many different color combinations which contribute to the stylish and unique of your chosen bags. The handle’s color could be different from the bags and thicker than the bags, and these bags are especially suitable for carrying large clothes, boxes and etc. The look and colors make the bag stand out and remind you of the store and possibly of something you have to buy.

By repeatedly using these bags, for example, Walmarts blue one, you are freely advertising for the company across the world. They are usable for travel anywhere and are causing other people to notice who may otherwise not have seen them before. This supersedes anything that could be done digitally, print or radio. This shows people that other people are using that store to shop at, making the product speak for itself.

All in all, there are a million and one ways to advertise. The effectiveness of using plastic bags with soft loops accomplishes a few things. They are subliminal, reusable, show signs the store is going green and can be taken anywhere all for the cost of zero.

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