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In recent years there has been a huge push for more environmentally conscious decision-making. One of the benefits of this movement has been the implementation of reusable grocery bags in 2017. Prior to then, it was estimated that 1.8 billion bags were wasted each week. While discouraging the use of so much plastic is enough of a reason for reusable grocery bags, there are other reasons opting for reusable bags. For more information on reusable grocery bags, or to purchase your own, contact A Plastic Bag. Hopefully, this list will help you see why we all need to be using reusable grocery bags.

#1. Plastic Kills Animals

Recently the “Save the Turtles” movement on social media has made many Americans rethink their use of plastic straws. However, turtles are just one of the animal groups who die each year from out flippant plastic use. 92% of all marine life encounters plastic and 10% of those creatures ingest it. To put those statistics into numbers, approximately 100 million marine animals are killed each year by the plastics in their environment.

Plus, an additional 1 million sea birds die each year from plastic. Both the plastic not being biodegradable and the byproducts in plastic are killing millions and millions of animals each year. The next time you are thinking of using a plastic bag at the grocery store instead of a reusable grocery bag, count the costs of your decision.

#2. Plastic Bags Aren’t Always Recycled

There is an argument that if plastic bags were properly recycled, they wouldn’t be such a problem. In a perfect world that may be so, but we live in an imperfect world. In fact, it is likely that only 6% of all of the plastic bags are actually recycled. Since plastic bags are rarely accepted by curbside pickup, they are not being recycled properly. Instead, they are clogging machines at the facilities and sorting it is costly. Plus, plastic bags are easily blown away from the facilities and can get caught in trees, create debris on beaches, and directly effect wildlife.

#3 Paper isn’t Any Better

If you grew up going to the store with your parents, you are familiar with the infamous “paper or plastic” question. While initially it was thought that opting for paper was better for the environment, it turns out that paper isn’t much better. In fact, 14 million trees are cut down each year to supply the raw materials needed for paper bags.

Plus, there are other environmental implications. Since the production of paper bags involves chemicals and high temperatures, toxins are released into the atmosphere throughout the process. Since the production is nearly the same damage as when plastic bags are made, opting for paper isn’t any better of a choice. The only difference is that the damage done by paper bags is essentially unseen. This can create an out of sight out of mind mentality, which is almost more dangerous. Using reusable grocery bags can create an environment where paper bags no longer need to be mass-produced.

#4. Reusable Grocery Bags Have Stylish Options

Long gone are the days of ugly, uncomfortable reusable bags. Nowadays, they are fun ways to represent the things you love while saving the environment. Plus, they can be an effective marketing tactic with fun logos and organizations being promoted on them.

#5. Reusable Grocery Bags are More Reliable

We have all had that moment where the plastic grocery bag was packed too tight, and the weight forces the handles to rip. In many cases, this can cause damage to your pricey items you just purchased. Reusable grocery bags are built more sturdy, and have long-term use in mind. No longer do you have to worry about the weight of your groceries ripping your bag. In the long run, this will save you time and money. Another added bonus is that many reusable bags have a much higher capacity than plastic bags. This means fewer trips from the car to carry all your groceries inside.

Reusable grocery bags have so many benefits for both your grocery trips and the environment. Why wait any longer to get them for yourself? Visit A Plastic Bag today to see their selection for the perfect one that fits you.

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