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Secrets to Get the Most Candy on Halloween

Halloween is a beloved American pastime that is fun for the whole family. Kids get to dress up, get candy, and spend time with their loved ones. The rewarding part for the little ones is all the candy they earn by going door to door trick or treating. In preparation for the big night, Americans spend roughly $2.7 billion on Halloween candy alone. Roughly 75% of Americans buy candy and participate in the big night. The demand for candy is high, and American households are filled with the supply. The tricky part? How to get the most candy on Halloween! Here are a few tips to get the most candy on Halloween.

  1. Location: Finding the right location to trick or treat is one of the most crucial parts of getting the most candy on Halloween night. Check out a map of your area and find the neighborhoods with the most houses that are the closest together. This reduces your walk time between houses and maximizes your ability to rack up the largest quantity of candy. Another factor that may impact your intended trick or treat trail is neighborhood demographics. If the area has families with children, they may be out trick or treating as well. Keep this in mind as you research. The best neighborhoods will include families with children who are much younger (too young to trick or treat), or much older (maybe out of the home).
  2. Map Your Route and Times: Once you figure out your target trick or treating areas, be sure to walk around at the right time. You don’t want to go too early when families are eating dinner, or even too late. It’s also important to map your route to maximize the time you have to get the most candy. 
  3. Costume: Without a costume, you are just a random person walking up to a home asking for candy. This is a reciprocal transaction. Wearing a fun and festive costume alerts the person who answers the door that you are there for one reason, and one reason only: candy! The costume can be fun, cute, or even scary! Whatever it is, enjoy the festivities and get into a fun character!
  4. Choosing the Right Bag: If you are walking around for hours from house to house, you need a practical bag to hold your candy. Choosing the right plastic bag is important. It needs to have sturdy handles, large enough to hold all of your candy and match with your costume. has the best and most useful bags that will meet your trick or treating requirements! Choosing a bag with is a sure way to get the most candy as their bags will meet all of your trick or treating needs! You can even customize your own bag and give it your own unique flair!
  5. Mind Your Manners: A smile goes a long way with those giving out candy. A “please” and “thank you” doesn’t hurt either. Be sure to use your best manners when moving from house to house! You may be able to get a little extra candy which will maximize your overall candy count for the night.
  6. Trick or Treat: Last but not least, remember to say “trick or treat” and enjoy your evening. 

Some of the best memories are made during holiday celebrations. Earning the most candy is a fun way to create some friendly competition among siblings or family friends. After you have finished off the night going door to door to find the most candy, enjoy the rewards of your hard work! Have fun with your siblings and friends by either trading or just eating, all of your sugary treasures from the evening!