Shrink Wrap

Transporting Your Boat with Shrink Wrap

If you’re looking to transport your boat to another location, it is important to properly prepare so that it arrives in pristine condition. Making sure that everything is safe and secure inside is one thing, but the only way to ensure a perfect trip is by shrink wrapping.   Things to Remember: There are few tips and tricks to remember when preparing to transport your vessel. -Be sure to secure … Read More

How-To Guide: Shrink Wrapping Your Boat

Did you know that shrink wrap is a great way to protect and/or store your boat? Whether you’re looking to keep your boat stored or simply protect it over the winter months, shrink wrap is the foolproof solution. Why Shrink Wrap? Unlike other methods, shrink wrap keeps out rain, snow, ice and UV light. When properly installed, shrink wrap will not leak or collapse from weight like a tarp. Shrink … Read More