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The Power of Bags for Your Brand

When you think about the best products and merchandise to put your logo on, you probably don’t think of the simple shopping bag. You might not consider gift bags, tote bags, or even recycled bags. But here’s the truth: Bags are one of the most powerful branding materials on the market today. Truly the power of bags for your brand bears looking into.


Bags are everywhere! How often do you see someone in the store or even walking down the street carrying a bag? And how often does that bag have some kind of design or logo on it?

The Power of Bags for Your Brand

You’d be amazed how easy it is to spread your branding message through bags. Really, don’t underestimate the power of bags for your brand. It’s the perfect way to get free advertising in front of as many eyes as possible. Keep reading to learn more about the branding power of custom printed plastic bags!

Get in the Customization Game

Customized bags are the way of the future. Look at any trade show, convention, or marketing conference. You’re bound to find tons of bags with different logos and brands on them!

It is easy to order bags for wholesale pricing and add your own custom touch. You can then give these bags away during your next promotional event, or to some of your favorite sales clients.

You have the freedom to determine the size, style, shape, and materials of the bag, making it your own tool for powerful marketing.

Reusable Bags are Everywhere

In the United States alone, over 100 billion plastic bags are used and disposed into landfills. To cut down on this plastic pollution, you can help save the planet by getting into reusable bags!

Nowadays, reusable bags are used for a variety of reasons. Many cities and states across the country have banned the use of plastic bags, which is why most people have started bringing their own reusable bags to grocery stores and shopping malls. By putting your brand on reusable bags, you’ll ensure that your advertising message gets across over and over again.

Spread Your Message the Natural Way

You don’t have to spend tons of money on an aggressive marketing campaign or pay top advertising agencies thousands of dollars to market your brand for you. You can opt for something much more affordable: custom bag branding.

Everyone who uses your bags will be spreading your message with no further work required on your part. This is a great method of free advertising; why not use it?

How Long Do Custom Plastic Bags Last?

Publishing your logo and motto on a bag is a great way to familiarize the world with your brand. But how long can you expect people to keep using and carrying around your bags?

On average, reusable bags can last 3-6 years. Having a solid advertising campaign that lasts for that long without having to spend extra money is quite an incredible feat. Nothing can give you a bigger ROI than free and reusable branding!

What to Put on Your Custom Branded Bag

Now that you’re on board with this great branding technique, you are probably wondering what exactly to put on the bags that will have a lasting impression. A logo is always a great start, but you don’t have to stop there.

Use this as an opportunity to advertise your messaging and contact information. Don’t forget to include your social media handles, website URL, or another contact method so interested parties know how to get in touch with you.

Design Your Custom Bag Today!

At, we offer wholesale custom printed bags at affordable prices so you can start building up your brand today. This is an easy, fun, and recyclable way to spread your brand’s message without having to hire a whole marketing team to do it. Reach out to our custom bag experts today and start your most successful branding campaign!