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Are Paper Bags More Sanitary Than Plastic?

When it comes to custom printed bags, you have a wide range of material choices. Between plastic and paper, there are hundreds of personalized options that you can use to promote your business and distribute useful items. But are paper bags more sanitary than plastic?

Are Paper Bags More Sanitary Than Plastic?

But passing out custom bags isn’t as easy as it once was. People are becoming more aware of the way germs spread and how bacteria can be transferred from person to person. Some claim that reusable bags are epicenters of bacterial spread. 

This makes us wonder: Are paper bags more sanitary than plastic? 

Below, our experts will compare the way bacteria grows on paper versus plastic bags. 

Paper Bags: The Facts 

Paper bags are often lauded for their convenience and recyclability. But the truth is that it really depends on the manufacturer. Some factories use more resources to produce paper bags than plastic bags, damaging the environment. 

Not to mention, depending on the way paper bags are stored, they can produce and harbor more bacteria than plastic bags can. Paper materials keep bacteria alive for longer periods, making it easier to transfer to other materials. 

When it comes to stopping the spread of COVID-19, you might be wary of paper bags. Viruses do not spread as easily as bacteria, but it is better to be careful. You should sanitize your bags before and after use, and after each time you touch them. 

There are still safe ways to get wholesale paper bags, however! From matte shopping bags to paper totes, our custom paper solutions are sanitized and certified for safety to prevent the spread of viruses. 

Plastic Bags: The Facts

Plastic bags come from many materials. And the type of material can determine how likely the bag could spread harmful bacteria. For example, polypropylene keeps COVID-19 for three days, and must be very well sanitized to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Other plastics can harbor bacteria at up to 300% the rate of what experts consider safe.

Reusable bags kept in hot trunks or stuffy closets are far more likely to produce more bacteria, which keeps festering until it is sanitized. Multiple studies have linked the spread of illness with the use of grocery bags. 

Thankfully, you can still get other plastic bags that don’t contain harmful materials. Hardly any recyclable plastic bags have the same dangers and health risks as non-reusable plastic materials. And during the manufacturing process, the use of natural oils to make plastic reduces the amount of natural gases burned into our ozone. The reduction of greenhouse gases – and the increased protection against COVID-19 – make plastic bags an easy choice. 

Choosing Your Custom Bags

Staying safe is what’s most important during this pandemic. Depending on your distribution needs, you can find sanitary wholesale bags that will keep you and your clients protected against the spread of germs. There are safe paper and plastic bag options that comply with medical standards of cleanliness.

Overall, plastic is often more reusable than paper. A lot of plastic bags come from materials that prove safer for the environment and less likely to transmit COVID-19 than paper bags. It remains important for you to get in touch with your wholesale supplier if you have additional questions about staying safe with your custom bag choices. 

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At, we take every precaution to sanitize all of our bags and materials before distribution. You can prevent the spread of COVID-19 by disinfecting all materials you receive, especially paper and polypropylene bags. Learn more about your custom bag solutions and safe practices by getting in touch with our staff today.