Ways to Recycle Old Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are made in every shape, size, texture, and type. They can be used for wrapping gifts, buying groceries, or even carrying luggage. Your plastic bags are built to last a long time; although, some are longer lasting than others. But there are plenty of ways to recycle old

Find a Bag Collection Center

Many of your local grocery stores and food retailers offer recyclable bins for plastic bags and other similar products. Safeway, for example, has bag collection bins outside of each storefront. You should see a sign labeled “bag recycling.” It’s a good idea to drop off any unwanted plastic bags in there!

Use Them to Protect Old Items

You can always hang onto your old plastic bags even if you aren’t using them regularly. When you are packing away some of your most valuable items, use some of those old plastic bags to wrap up your valuables. Bob Vila recommends using this method during any major moving trip!

Line Garbage Cans

You can use your old plastic bags as trash bags instead of having to buy a new container of trash bags every time you run out. This is extra convenient for smaller trash bins that you might have in your bathroom or your home office. Line the bin with an old plastic bag, and you have yourself a free trash bag!

Make Yarn

There’s a new trending material called “plarn,” which is a ball of yarn made out of recycled plastic bags. You can cut your bags into thin strips and tie them together to make strands of yarn. Use this yarn to weave your own crafts, placemats, coin purses, and more! This might be especially fun if you have many plastic bags of the same color or pattern – you can make an entire collection of yarn out of them!

Weave a Basket

Whether or not you plan on making plenty of plarn (that word is just so fun to say!), there are many other ways to get crafty with your old plastic bags as well. For example, you can use pieces from sturdy frosted shopping bags to make a basket out of. Weave a basket using a few different colors or textures of plastic bags, and you’ve just created a new container that you can use around the home to store all of your favorite things!

Create Pillows and Tablecloths

If you want to make something more practical than creative, you can always transform your old plastic bags into some outdoor patio pillows or tablecloths. The plastic bags can be bunched together and stuffed inside your favorite pillow fabric for a squishy yet firm feel. This is the perfect kind of texture for outdoor pillows.

Help the Environment and Reuse Your Old Plastic Bags!

It’s actually quite fun to think of all the things you can make with old plastic bags. Instead of just throwing them into the trash and making them sit in a landfill for all eternity, you can reuse your old bags and make something creative out of them. Whether you want to make little baskets for your family or repurpose them into stuffing for some new pillows, there are plenty of things you can do with your bags that won’t break the bank.

Remember, recycling is key to keeping the world clean and healthy for a sustainable future. Keep using your favorite bags, but repurpose them once they have run their course! For all your custom printed plastic bags needs, visit A Plastic Bag.

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