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Taffeta PEVA Garment Bags Protect Clothes when Stored, Shipped, or Displayed

Taffeta PEVA Garment Bags
Taffeta PEVA Garment Bags

Taffeta PEVA  garment bags, also known as plastic garment bags or garment poly bags, have various uses for different industries. These bags are made for the purpose of protecting all clothes against dust, weather or other elements that could stain or damage them. They are designed with sloped shoulders on top and pre-slit hanger hole for easy handling and storage. They can even have side gussets to make room for more than one garment per bag.

In the apparel and sewn goods industries, every shirt, blouse, dress, tuxedo, or coat is transported in a plastic garment bag for protection during shipment. Even when on display, some of these sewn goods may also be placed on a mannequin and covered by a poly bag to keep any dirt or dust away.

While poly garment bags are ultra-thin, they still provide the right protection for the garments you sell, ship and store. In addition to benefiting from the inexpensive packaging, you also do not have to worry that these garment bags will add to the weight of the package because while they are very strong, they are very light.

These garment bags, made out of linear low-density polyethylene material, can also be custom-printed to carry your logo or brand name, which makes these bags an effective way to increase brand awareness. To find out more, contact http://aplasticbag.com.

Dry Cleaning Bags

Dry Cleaning Bags
Dry Cleaning Bags

People nowadays often use dry cleaning services because they don’t have the time to do the laundry and ironing. Dry cleaning makes it more convenient to have freshly pressed clothes. The professional finishing that special pressing equipment provides will be wasted without the use of dry cleaning bags for storing garments.

Thanks to aplasticbag.com, this packaging helps keep crisp, wrinkle-free, and like-new appearance of the garments after dry cleaning. These poly bags have hanger holes to make them easy to hang and organize. They provide protection for the clothes against dirt, mildew and the like.

There are also those clients with too many clothes and too little space iso these bags are also perfect for dry cleaners who offer garment storage for out-of-season items. If you wish to offer this in addition to your dry cleaning services, there are clear plastic garment bags with zippers that can be used for this purpose. Using these poly bags will help ensure that clothes are protected out-of-season.

To find out more about polyethylene dry cleaning bags, contact aplasticbag.com.

Quick Zip Poly Bags

Quick zip poly bags or Ziplock bags
Quick Zip Poly Bags or Ziplock Bags

Plastic ziplock bags have loads of practical uses. People are familiar with this type of  plastic bags because they are often used for storing food and keeping it clean and fresh. However, zip-tight plastic bags can also be used to organize items, parts, and products.

Quick zip poly bags are known for helping keep items airtight. They are heavier density plastic so they do not tear easily which makes them ideal for shielding and protecting items against elements that can damage or spoil them. They can also be opened and closed easily with the zipper-like seal. The resealable lock is what makes storing products more convenient than with traditional plastic bags.

Quick zip poly bags are widely used in the food business to pack perishable goods. They are also used to keep fruits, vegetables, and spices for retail fresh and clean. Because they are often transparent and can be customized bearing various colors and prints, they are perfect for displaying products without exposing them to harmful elements that can affect the quality of the products stored within.

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Polyethlyne Grocery Bags

Polyethylene Grocery Bags
Polyethylene Grocery Bags

The polyethylene bags are not just for packaging. They can also be customized to serve as a subtle marketing tools. This is why, many grocery stores are using these bags with a printed company logo, contact details, branch locations, and even slogans.

There is a large selection of plastic grocery bags that can be further customized in order to maximize their usage. For instance, distinctly designed poly bags can be used during holidays or anniversary sales. Marketing campaigns can be enhanced through their use and customers who purchase on-sale items become walking advertisements.

As customers carry customized branded plastic bags others will see them. As a matter of fact, it is hard to keep from noticing custom-printed bags especially with colorful designs ‘SALE’ printed on the poly bags.

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