This Is Why Soft Loop Handle Plastic Bags Are An Effective Marketing Tool

With everyone going green and big corporations taking over, why is it that they need to continuously advertise? What’s wrong with plain brown paper bags? Soft loop handle plastic bags are effective tools that become a part of our everyday lives and therefore a part of our habits. The standard shopping Continue Reading

8 DIY Halloween Bags Almost As Exciting As The Candy Inside

Collect as much candy as you can with one of these do-it-yourself Halloween bags. Personalized Halloween bags are fun and affordable and make great October promotions. Perfect for school programs, Halloween parties, community programs, giveaways, and fundraisers, and our custom plastic bags make great promotional pieces for restaurants and stores. Continue Reading

3 Essential Reasons To Use PEVA Garment Bags

Taffeta PEVA garment bags, also known as plastic garment bags or garment poly bags, have various uses for different industries. 1. These bags are made for the purpose of protecting all clothes against dust, weather or other elements that could stain or damage them. They are designed with sloped shoulders Continue Reading